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The Eurocool story

Since 1999 Eurocool has been the first choice wholesaler in the HVAC & Refrigeration industry, with over 5000 products and more than 21 trusted brands available. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff always offer our customers the best possible solutions. Eurocool has formed part of the Beijer Ref AB Group since 2013, a technology-oriented trading group which has a global footprint in the HVAC & Refrigeration industry. Together with the Beijer Group, we aim to replace existing technology with products having less environmental impact.


Our vision/mission:

Where every experience is a cool experience!

Teamwork and professionalism are the unique source of our strength.

Our Market

Residential and light commercial air conditioning

Domestic Refrigeration Components


• Convenience Stores

• Fast Food Stores

• Supermarket Refrigeration

• Ripening Rooms

• Cold Storage

Our Products

Air Conditioners and parts


Compressorised Products

Heat Exchangers

Semi-hermetic Compressors

Hermetic Compressors

Rotary Compressors

Scroll Compressors

Filters for HVAC

Refrigeration line components

Pressure Controls

Temperature Controls and Thermometers

Anti-Vibration blocks

Adhesive Tapes and Sealants

HVAC Accessories

Copper, PVC Tubing, Fittings, Aluminium

Tube Insulation

Fan assemblies

Pipe Support Systems

Refrigeration Tools

Industrial Automation Components

Since ’99

Prestige Partners, Superior PRoducts

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