Optyma Plus Inverter

Optyma™ Plus Inverter

Danfoss’ Optyma™ Plus Inverter is a variable speed condensing unit for cooling purposes. It modulates cooling capacity with stepless inverter scroll technology in a compact and adaptable package. The unit is highly energy-efficient, with a Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SERP) of 3.84, which decreases operating expenses by 20% to 30% when compared to competing technologies.

The Optyma™ Plus Inverter operates by altering the compressor speed to fit the system’s cooling needs. The inverter technology enables the compressor to run at varying speeds, reducing energy usage and improving temperature control. The machine also includes +/-0.3°C temperature set point control adjustment, which helps to preserve food.

The Optyma™ Plus Inverter is suitable for commercial refrigeration applications. It is designed to fulfill three major market requirements of the main commercial refrigeration applications: capacity modulation, high energy efficiency, and compliance with F-Gas and Eco Design. The unit has a range of cooling capacities from 2kW to 9kW and is capable of capacity modulation in a simple and adaptive package.

Eco Design establishes environmental performance requirements for energy-related items. The aim is to further improve product energy efficiency, reduce environmental effect, and promote the use of renewable energy sources. The term “Eco Design” refers to a wide range of products, including refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

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Author: Marné Bierman, Eurocool Marketing Controller & Admin Assistant
Editor: Johann van Breda, Eurocool National Product Manager

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