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Investing in refrigeration, be it for retail, industrial or commercial application, is an expensive and long-term endeavour, but it is in the “long term” that the true return on the investment is extracted. The longer a refrigeration compressor lasts whilst still performing optimally, the better the return on investment.  One of the key drivers to the longevity of your compressor is using original spare parts.





BITZER, having been manufacturing world class refrigeration compressors for over 80 years, understands this, and is invested in providing long term protection for your investment. By choosing a BITZER compressor, you have decided for best quality and highest performance. To guarantee both, you need a system that runs smoothly and reliably. This quality can never be achieved with low-quality counterfeit products that do not comply with international laws, standards and requirements in product development. When it comes to mechanical and electrical spare parts for your compressors, only BITZER ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS give you safety of the highest quality and optimal performance.

And we have innovated to give you easy access to the parts you require. ePARTS makes finding the appropriate spare parts for our products fast and easy. The parts are listed according to the model range and appear as a simple, zoomable, exploded-view drawing. The software is free of charge.

BITZER understands the knock-on effects of a compressor stoppage and therefore carries a vast range of BITZER spares locally which significantly cuts down the down-stream costs to our customers. In another measure in the fight against product piracy, BITZER has added QR codes to the packaging of its Original Spare Parts. By scanning the code, users can check the authenticity of the products and obtain further relevant information.

But what is the real difference between original parts and fake parts? Click here to read more.

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