Eurocool Celebrating Youth Day

At Eurocool we understand the importance of our youth and the big role that they play in the future. For many of us Youth Day symbolizes the day that South Africa’s youth marched for the right to be taught in their home language but for the current generation, young people today want Youth Day to go beyond the history, to acknowledge their current reality and the struggles they face. One of those struggles is getting experience within the work environment as well as education and the opportunities to grow.

Eurocool has been supporting the South African youth for many years.

Looking back at some of our longest serving staff members, we are extremely proud to see how they have grown over the years and the role models they have become for the next generation. At Eurocool we strive to assist all our team members to reach their career goals within the industry by offering them growth opportunities and guidance.

Some of our longest serving staff members at Eurocool who joined at a very young age:

  • Shaun Powell:
    • Started working for Eurocool at the age of 19 years in 2005.
    • Appointed as internal sales
    • Current position, National Project Sales Manager

  • Preston Govender:
    • Started working for Eurocool at the age of 24 years old in 2013
    • Appointed as internal sales
    • Current position, Randburg Branch Manager


At Eurocool we believe that every experience is a cool experience, our success is based on; honesty, reliability, integrity, dedication and knowledge.

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