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Semi-Hermetic Ecoline Compressor

The Semi-Hermetic Ecoline Compressor from BITZER is the creative advancement of the proven, robust and powerful semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors from BITZER.

The Ecoline compressor is a combination of high efficiency, smooth running, a wide range of applications, and flexibility in refrigerant selection, solid design and high reliability.

Technical Features

New Valve Plate Design

  • New geometric concept for pressure valves – for low rear expansion.
  • High cooling capacity with minimal energy requirements.
  • The ECOLINE cylinder head system: Flexible operation in tandem.


  • Efficient under full- and part-load thanks to its broadband characteristics.
  • The universal refrigeration compressor: Motor version 2 for medium and low temperature applications.
  • Motor versions 1 and 3 for special applications.

Capacity Control

  • The CRII system – intermittent blocked suction For example, 4-cylinder compressor with CRII on both heads: Range of control from 100% to ~10%
  • ECOLINE VARISPEED – built-in frequency inverter

Downward Compatible

  • Essential internal components completely redesigned.
  • Outer contour as standard: Every ECOLINE is downward compatible

Drive Gear

  • New piston and connecting rod design

Compressors| Bitzer

Open Drive Compressor 2nd Generation

With the open drive design, standard motors can be attached to the compressor via coupling housing or belt drive. The Open Drive compressor is reliable with easy maintenance.

Technical Features

  • Suitable for coupling and belt drives
  • The flange surface on the side of the shaft duct enables the direct extension of the motor (IEC B3/B5) by means of a coupling housing (accessory)
  • The lightweight design and careful balancing of the moving mechanical parts result in extremely smooth running
  • The surface-hardened crankshaft, optimised piston form and chromium-plated compression rings guarantee low frictional losses and a long service life
  • Highly efficient and robust valve plate design resulting from a new style of valve construction – Equipped with proven design elements
  • Pressure oil lubrication with reversible gear pump
  • The special oil return system results in extremely low oil carry over
  • Cooled shaft seal by means of pressure oil rinsing and suction gas circulation, resulting in low thermal loads and excellent stability

Compressors| Bitzer

O-VII Series

High-Quality, Robust & Wear-Resistant Drive Gear

  • Low-friction aluminium pistons
  • Exchangeable bearing bushes (from type IV[Y])
  • Reliable oil supply with centrifuge lubrication
  • Hard-chrome-plated pistons (from type IV[Y])
  • Special wrist pin bearing
  • Extremely resistant against liquid slugging thanks to the robust design and low speed

Technical Features

Efficient & Stable Valve Plate Construction

  • High volumetric efficiency thanks to the optimal combination of working valves

Easy-to-Maintain Construction

  • No special tools necessary, easily accessible shaft seal

Compressors| Embraco


Embraco compressors are robust and reliable compressors. Embraco are experts in creating innovative and sustainable solutions for the refrigeration industry and with over 35 years experience, you can ensure that all compressors are of a high quality.

Available for medium temp and low temp applications.

Compressors| Gree


Gree rotary compressors are designed to be both highly reliable and energy efficient. They also work at very low noise levels compared to competing products, which is a significant benefit in today’s world where people frown upon noisy equipment . Gree Is undoubtedly an excellent choice.      

Compressors| Kulthorn Kirby

Kulthorn Kirby

Advantages of Kulthorn Kirby Compressors:

  • Exceeding industry standards for efficiency
  • Cost-saving on operations
  • Availability on components


Compressors suitable for domestic and commercial use

Compressors| Danfoss

Maneurop Reciprocating Compressors MTZ

The Maneurop MTZ series compressors are of  the hermetic reciprocating type and are designed for medium and high evaporating temperature applications.

The MTZ compressors have a large internal free volume that protects against the risk of liquid hammering when liquid refrigerant enters the compressor.

The maneurop reciprocating MTZ series are available in 16 different models with displacement ranging from 30 to 271 cm3/rev. Motor voltage ranges are available for single and three phase power supplies at 50 & 60 Hz.

Compressors| Danfoss

Scroll Compressors

Danfoss scroll compressors high efficiency and reliability even in low temperature.  The MLZ and LLZ series are purpose-engineered for applications at medium and low temperatures. The Danfoss scroll compressors are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions in different cooling systems.

Features and benefits

  • Compact and highly reliable scroll range for LBP and HBP applications
  • Energy efficient by design with a wide range of operating conditions
  • Multi-refrigerant scrolls save on inventory
  • Cut down operating costs and meet the food standards
  • Ideal for rack systems, cold rooms, milk cooling
  • Optional vapor or liquid injection increases efficiency and cooling capacity

Compressors| Danfoss

Inverter Scroll Compressors VZH, 3rd generation

Danfoss inverter scroll compressor VZH is the third generation of scroll compressors offering variable speed technology for commercial applications in air conditioning. Inverter compressors offer energy standards with high part-load and seasonal efficiency while providing several other key benefits.

Features and benefits

  • Widest range of Inverter Scrolls, from 4 to 52TR in hybrid tandem (15-184 kW)
  • A prequalified compressor and drive package from a single supplier to reduce time to market and enhance reliability
  • A generation featuring IDVs and Permanent Magnet Motor across the range, which provides 5% higher part load efficiency versus existing alternatives inverter scrolls
  • Drives with EMC compliance, built-in harmonic filters, suitability for varied climates, embedded Modbus protocol
  • Accurate temperature control, low starting current, high energy efficiency and low acoustic level with variable speed technology
  • Ease of application and high system reliability
  • Wider operating map to cover more types of applications