Eurocool Gauteng Year End Function 2018

Eurocool Gauteng Year End Function 2018

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Eurocool Gauteng celebrating 2018 with a potjie competition between all the branches.

Each branch had to choose 2 chefs, 1 Head Chef & 1 Assistant Chef, who will represent their branch at the potjie competition year end function. They also had to choose themes and what type of potjie they will be making.

This was great fun and everybody loved the potjie vibe. By 14:00pm everybody was attacked by the hunger monster due to all the delicious¬† aromas from the potjies. Finally by 14:30pm the potjies were ready and the judges started to judge…

The scores were given best out of 25 for each Criteria:

  • Team Spirit
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Potjie Presentation
  • Best Taste

The winners for the potjie competition was the Randburg Branch with a grand total of 88 points.

From Eurocool Gauteng, we are super excited for 2019!


  • Oxtail Potjie
  • Cowboys


  • Biltong Potjie
  • Super Heroes


  • Chicken Curry Potjie
  • Cowboys

Head Office:

  • Chicken & Prawn Potjie
  • Boertjies


Some of the photo’s which was taken. Please visit our social media sites for more images:

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Twitter: Eurocool (Pty) Ltd
















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